Activities and attractions

Le Délitubing

Come and test a descent sitting in a buoy, it’s really very funny ! As there are 3 tracks, it will be a moment of sharing between parents and children,… and of competition. Who will arrive first ?

Tree Trampolines

These are giant nets stretched in the trees that allow you to move freely and safely above the void! There are no carabiners, no safety harnesses! You can enjoy the numerous play areas thanks to these nets stretched in the trees. Come jump, run, climb, and play in this place where nature is respected and is at the heart of our concerns.

Giant Trampolines Croc area

Ready for a great adventure? Enter the mouth of the Crocodile, jump into its belly, and slide down its tail slide!

But also, a play area on trampolines stretched between the trees a few meters high: Ball pit, suspended tubes, ball games, etc

The Aquadélire, the water park

Le P’tit Délire invites you to discover its unique space in southern Brittany: its aquatic park with two universes! In addition to the games on the aquatic platform: Aquadélire, we offer: Slidélire. Two giant slides, one with a raft ride and the other solo. Speed ​​and feel guaranteed!

The Aquadélire is a water game consisting of a fun aquatic platform, unique in the region. We can see its giant Scorpion from afar and as we approach, we discover a whole marvelous aquatic garden … filled with flowers, extravagant and mischievous animals

  • the flowers sprinkle,
  • a giant scorpion waters everyone
  • a blue seahorse watches a yellow hippo take a bath
  • a dragon spits water.
  • flower pots filled with water fall over their heads !!!

    The entire water park, Aquadélire and Slidélire are not open in the spring. They are put into service from mid-June until the end of the season, depending on weather conditions and / or traffic. (closure of the water park 1 hour before the park closes).

The Pentadélire

3,2,1 let yourself slide! Le P’tit Délire offers its visitors, young and old: Le Pentadélire. It is a huge Pentaglisse-type toboggan specially created for visitors to the Park to experience new sliding sensations to share with their family. Set off together on the vertiginous slopes of this immense slide – The Pentadélire – the 8-meter high multi-track slide. The speed is accentuated when passing over bumps. The 4 corridors of the Pentadélira allow you to descend all together, parents and children or with your group of friends. The descent takes place in burlap bags and with each bump, we laugh even more! Everybody is here ? Hop, let’s go for a lot of laughs and fun!

The trampolines

Giant trampolines! The basketball trampoline, round trampolines and a battery of trampolines. Laughter and thrills guaranteed for adults and children in complete safety.


Half a dozen inflatables await both young and old for moments of joy and fun in our leisure park in Ploemel! Just a second before rushing in : don’t forget to take off your shoes.

We laugh non-stop trying to climb the Soft Mountain. We practice knocking others down with the Jousts. We test our resilience on the Bull. We happily get lost in the Maze. And the tallest of all inflatables, the Giraffe, awaits the little ones as it is strictly reserved for them, of course accompanied by their parents. Right next to it, they can also play in peace and safety in the Flower Basket, which is also reserved for them.


At Le P’tit Délire, you can also fly! The Hélicodélire, a 60-meter high circuit with 5 helicopters. You make your Hélicodélire move by pedaling and take a stroll in the air… Fun to share with your brother or sister. Adults can accompany the younger ones for their first flight

Special toddlers

Reserved for the little ones, this ‘special toddlers’ area will give the youngest ones the opportunity to test their abilities to climb, swing, and balance.

Each brightly colored game represents animals, the sun… allowing for play with words by recognizing the shapes of each game.

The Crazy Drivers' Circuits

Attention, here we go for one lap, two laps… we just can’t stop pedaling. Pedal karts for both young and old are an endless source of guaranteed fun. Attention, crazy drivers! Please control your speed and respect other participants. We have just as much fun when driving more leisurely.

The Tracks of the Little Racers

Discover the Plasma cars: a contraption that moves when you turn the steering wheel from left to right. Or try the tricycles and balance bikes, alone or with a friend. Guaranteed fun!

A visit to your animal friend's

A break for juniors and wonderment for the little ones.

Contact with animals remains a magical moment. Remember to bring your phone or camera to relive this very important moment for the little ones.

At the entrance of the Animal Park, a sign provides instructions on how to behave. You can read them with your children.

Come and discover our small educational farm!

Wooden cabins

At the back of the park, in a peaceful and wooded setting, you can stroll around and discover the cabins crafted by us. Observation cabins, cabins for playing, for hiding or invent your own stories.

A beautiful green setting for a breath of fresh air.

Ideal for a nature outing in Morbihan!

Zip lines

Speed and thrills !

Once, twice, you never get tired of it! Let yourself go, and you’re sure to do it again.

Tree courses adventure

A bit adventurous? Feel free to venture onto the treetop courses in a calm and pleasant setting in the woods.

Six courses to choose from:

  • 4 for ages 6 and up,
  • 1 for ages 8 and up,
  • 1 for toddlers (2-5 years old), one of the dedicated areas called ‘Special Bout’choux.


The wooden games

Test your skill and dexterity on bouncing boards, various types of billiards, or even double Chinese.