Park videos

In the belly of the Trampo-Croco at the Le P'tit Délire amusement park

Venture into the mouth of the crocodile, jump to cross its belly, and slide down the slide that serves as its tail.

The wooden games of Le P'tit Délire for everyone

Test your skill and dexterity on bouncing boards, various types of billiards, or even double Chinese.

New activities in the woods at Le P'tit Délire Leisure Park

In a peaceful and wooded setting, we have diversified the stroll with small activities to discover as a family.

The park's animals in the great outdoors at Le P'tit Délire

In 2022, peacocks made their appearance at Le P’tit Délire leisure park, joining the already present animals.

Le P'tit Délire - New Features for the 2021 Season

For the 2021 season, Le P’tit Délire focuses on nature and biodiversity. Wooden-based attractions are scattered throughout the park’s forest for a guaranteed change of scenery.

Le P'tit Délire - Season 2021

For this new season, come and quickly discover the activities and new features! Nature, wooden games, walks, and biodiversity on the agenda.

Aquatic games in le P'tit Délire

The largest water park in Morbihan is at Le P’tit Délire! Within this leisure park in Brittany, these 2 slides and dozens of water jets will keep you refreshed!

The 2020 novelty - Trampolines in the Trees!

A wooded setting, nets stretched in the trees, a perfect way to spend a relaxing moment at the Le P’tit Délire playground in the Morbihan (56).

2020 season in le P'tit Délire

Laughter, slides, bounces, water, and fun !

Pentadélire 2015

A little descent to give you the desire to do the same! The laughter says a lot !

Morbihan tourisme 2011

Promotional video for Le P’tit Délire leisure park in Ploemel, in the Auray Country – Quiberon Bay, in Morbihan, Brittany

Interview with the managers of the park - September 2011

Interview with the managers of Le P’tit Délire leisure park located in Ploemel, in the Auray Country – Quiberon Bay, in Morbihan, Brittany.