Nature and Balance


A break for juniors and wonderment for the little ones.

Contact with animals remains a magical moment. Remember to bring your phone or camera to relive this very important moment for the little ones.

At the entrance of the Animal Park, a sign provides instructions on how to behave. You can read them with your children.

Come and discover our small educational farm!

Wooden cabins

At the back of the park, in a peaceful and wooded setting, you can stroll around and discover the cabins crafted by us. Observation cabins, cabins for playing, or hiding.

A beautiful green setting for a breath of fresh air. Ideal for a nature outing in Morbihan!

Zip lines

Speed and thrills !

Once, twice, you never get tired of it! Let yourself go, and you’re sure to do it again.

Tree courses

A bit adventurous? Feel free to venture onto the treetop courses in a calm and pleasant setting in the woods.

Six courses to choose from:

  • 4 for ages 6 and up,
  • 1 for ages 8 and up,
  • 1 for toddlers (2-5 years old), one of the dedicated areas called ‘Special Bout’choux.