Nature and Balance

Nature walk and wooden games

At the bottom of the park, in a quiet and wooded setting, you can stroll and discover the cabins and wooden games made by the park employees. Cabins of all kinds, single or multi-party swings, seesaw, zip lines … A beautiful green setting for a bowl of fresh air!


These are giant nets stretched in the trees that allow you to move freely and safely over the void! There are no carabiners, no safety harnesses! You take advantage of the numerous playrooms thanks to these nets stretched in the trees. Come jump, run, play in this place where nature is respected and is at the heart of our concerns.

The zip line

Speed and thrills !

Once, twice, one can’t get enough of it ! Let go and you’ll want to start again.

The village of tree houses

Getting up safely to the 5 tree houses secured by a protection net is a real excitement for the whole family.

You’ll have to climb up more than 6 metres. The panoramic view over the park is worth the effort.

The tree top trails

A bit of an adventurer ? Go for the tree top trail in a quiet and pleasant setting into the woods.

A choice of 6 trails : 4 trails for the 6 plus, one for the 8 plus and one for the toddlers (2 to 5).

The nanny goats park

A visit to your animal friends

A break for the juniors and a delight for the younger ones.

Being in close contact with animals is always a magic moment to remember with the pretty pictures you’ll take.

At the entrance of the park, you can read the instructions with your children.